The Himalayan Society for Youth and Women Empowerment (HSYWE)


We live in an open world where competition is stiff and survival is tough. In this fast paced generation, our cultures are at the brink of extinction and could well be history soon. Young minds are lost in translation before they could realize their potential.  This can and has to be changed but the initiative has to be taken by someone.

The Himalayan Society for Youth and Women Empowerment (HSYWE) has taken that initiative with the support of STICHTING VLUCHTELING and the Brouwer Fund- The Netherlands since 2007 and expects to produce impact on at least four different sections:

  • Preserve the rich cultural heritage and unique identity.
  • Provide educational scholarship for financially disadvantaged youths.
  • Enhance personal and community development.
  • Prepare the youth for adulthood and issues they may face as an adult.

The HSYWE strives to preserve tradition while equipping its members with the skills needed to thrive in the modern world.  Although HSYWE serves primarily disadvantaged youth and women, its doors are open to all. So come and be part of a project aimed at empowering  women and instilling self-confidence in their own inherent skills.

The organization is spearheaded by a dedicated group of Board Members and Advisory Committee.  This team of socially responsible, concerned leaders is devoted to addressing the need for higher educational opportunities, vocational training, language skills, employment and cultural preservation among Nepal’s Himalayan and trans Himalayan communities. The services provided by the HSYWE will ultimately build confidence, stimulate economic self-reliance, cultivate leaders and professionals, foster social uplift and uphold a treasured culture. 

Recent Events

Kunchok Jedren

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Volunteer’s Voice
  • Bishwa Gautam

    Country: Kathmandu 

    It is very wonderful to see HSYWE’s programs, and an honor to work with such a very professional organization.  The team effort for Access will definitely brighten up the student’s future prospective.

    Best Regards

    Published on: July 19, 2019 12:36:48

  • Nandhini

    Country: SOIR-IM

    It is always a pleasure to meet the team. Thank you for hosting us. Delighted and impressed by the work you do. Confident that all the efforts will have the impact the team desires.

    My best wishes for your future endeavors. 

    Published on: July 19, 2019 12:36:05

  • Brian Kim

    Country: South Korea 

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of the Access intensive session. Although the program was for 5 days, I had a wonderful time and learned so much from you and students. Moreover, the whole process was very humbling and reflective experience.

    Thank you again! Wish you all the best. 

    Published on: July 19, 2019 12:35:35

  • Debbie Macartny

    Country: Scotland

    My time with the students and staff at HSYWE was wonderful. Everyone was so kind to me and I enjoyed sharing English conversation, laughter, singing and dance. It’s certainly an exceptional organization and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to share the classes.

    I hope to see you soon.  

    Published on: July 19, 2019 12:35:01